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Starting with computers in the early DOS Days. Which then progressed to selling computers out of his parents garage in the early 90’s. Jimmy Parks had the idea and drive to provide quality computer sales and service. Continuing Jimmy’s computer service through high school and during part of college. Jimmy took a break to work for some major corporations while also working on a bachelors in information system and then eventually a masters.

                Armed with corporate experience and an entrepreneurial drive. Jimmy set out and formed JCS America. A computer technology company based in southern California. After many years in SoCal. Jimmy moved his family and company to Wyoming. After forming JCS America West and then the company you know now, PC COWBOYS LLC.

                PC Cowboys continues to provide computer technology services and in Addition to Certifications for various home theatre products. PC Cowboys is committed to continuing to provide products and services throughout northwest Wyoming. Our company is driven and motivated to help any customer no matter what need may arise.

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